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  • Thermostat proper operation / Calibration (if needed)

  • Testing of Temperature Split

  • Perform Amp Draw on Condenser Fan Motor

  • Refrigerant Levels& System Pressure

  • Rinse Condenser Coils with water if necessary

  • Evaporator coil check

  • Condensate line check

  • Cleaning / Tightening Electrical Connections

  • Test Capacitors

  • Test Safety & Limit Switches

HVAC Replacement:

In case if your Air Conditioning system needs to be replaced our technician will help you to  choose the right system for your house. We offer a variety of quality brands and we work with your budget needs to determine the best option possible.



Air Conditioning systems require maintenance on the annual basis to prevent them from breaking during the hot season when they are mostly needed. Our professional technicians can make sure your Air Conditioning system is ready to meet the peak season without troubles by performing Multi Point Inspection:

Starlight HVAC    team    offers    maintenance,
replacement, and
AC repair in Orange County.


We carry the majority of parts in our trucks, which means we can often fix your Air Conditioning system right away.  Starlight HVAC is able to provide best AC Repair in Orange County since we are contracted with many different HVAC suppliers which means we will repair your system as soon as possible.

Having problem with AC? Call Starlight HVAC !

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